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Who we are

Tiny Roar is a game studio founded in early 2015 and located in Hamburg, Germany, whose key goal is to deliver fun and polished game experiences to huge audiences while establishing a creative and constructive working environment.

Our team's mantra is to create entertainment straight for the audience and to listen and react efficiently to their feedback.

Listening to the users is key but not enough. That's why one of our primary strengths lies in tracking and analyzing data, so the right decision can be made; design- and business-wise.

We can easily scale up depending on the project scope and vision, due to the strong network of acknowledged game developers across Europe that Tiny Roar was able to built.

Feel free to contact us if you want to work or have a chat with us.

The Team

Maurice Alain

Aside from being a passionate gamer, comic book enthusiast and walking fun-facts generator, Maurice is the game designer and professional cat herder of the team. While being in charge of squeezing enough fun into the games, Maurice is also flodding social media channels with Tiny Roar related nonsense.

Maurice Hagelstein Maurice Hagelstein

Dario D.

With a background in coding apps and websites, Dario majored in Game Programming, participated and won many game jams. The only bigger love in Dario┬┤s life than C# is wakeboarding and visiting music festivals. When he (finally) grows up he wants to become the next Gordon Freeman.

Dario D. Müller Dario D. Müller


Being involved with many different productions and tools, Robert is a versatile allround artist with a huge passion for the Bladerunner universe and sports. After completing his life task to found an own games company his next challenge is to grow an awesome mustache (although that might never happen).

Robert Koch Robert Koch


With a major in Game Programming and proud owner of two crazy cute cats, Basti is living proof that the fabled town Buxtehude actually exists. He is a vivid tech geek and die hard HSV fan, which spark a lovely feud between Robert and him that still has not been settled yet (neither in FIFA or in real life)..

Sebastian Sacher Sebastian Sacher


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