Send your customized robot into online arenas or blast your friends off the couch locally in BoomBots!

BoomBots is the most popular sports in Blastopia, a world inhabited by vivid robots that live in peace and seek fame and glory in arena-based competitions.

BoomBots is a pure multiplayer experience with every element of the game tailored to please competitive and casual gamers alike with ‘easy to learn yet hard to master’ gameplay.

Up to ten players go up against each other to blast their opponents out off the arena with bombs. Before each match-up players can edit their loadout to their liking:

Chase after your enemies with a remote controlled bomb, manipulate the terrain or activate a shield are just a few of many ways to play the game.
During one afternoon at our office when we discussed what to play to phase out the long work day, we were like “Wait a minute! Why don’t we have our own multiplayer game that we can play?”
So instead of booting up a game of another studio, we dug deep down into our collective childhood multiplayer memory database and brainstormed. Eventually we always came back to one idea: BoomBots!
Born from the humble desire to be able to play a fast paced party game where robots blow each other up.
But with the old school feel of our beloved SNES games, yet thriving with new elements like actual competitiveness and a skill-curve. Long story short: we started building our first prototype.

Initially just trying to emulate the old games we immediately figured out how to add depth and our own twist to the well established party game: Moving power-ups from the match into the new Loadout feature. Here players could select two out of many different abilities like shield, remote controlled bombs, placing blocks and much more to find their very own unique playstyle. This changed everything, yet everything stayed recognizable and simple like the original.We see BoomBots as the logical progression of the Bomb Arena-Genre that allows casual and competitive players alike to have a blast blowing stuff up.

Please tell us what you think of this game! What is missing? What is overpowered? We want to develop this game for the community with the community. We already love it, but we want to make games that you love. So be part of this explosive journeys.
Trigger Bomb
You like to plan ahead and punish reckless players?
The Trigger Bomb is made just for you!
Plant the bomb and trigger it just in the right moment to unleash mayhem!
Remote Bomb
Why just play with bombs if you can be the bomb?
Chase after panicking players and hug them until they explode, but beware: While you control the Bomb you are defenseless.
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Kick bombs no matter who placed them across the arena and stop them just in the right moment to trap your opponents.
You know that feel, bro? Trapped in bombs just about to blow up?
No worries just shield yourself. But beware.
The shield is only up for a very short time!
Why make someone blow up when you can simple punch him and THEN blow him up?
Stun enemies with some nice fisticuffs.
When everyone is blowing stuff up, be different: Build something nice!
This ability will allow you to alter the arena and block paths of your foes.
Please note that this version is an early prototype and is used as a proof of fun concept.

We recommend to play Boom Bots with 2-4 players and to use controllers.
*Right now we only support windows.

If you have any feedback feel free to contact us via the contact form.
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